Following the markets demands, exploiting research discoveries and the state of the art technology, B&V developed a special agar type with enhanced performances and unique properties.

Thanks to our own internally developed production process, we are able to modify the dissolution profile of the agar without the use of any chemical. The result is a premium quality agar with improved performances and enhanced solubility.

Standard agar need to be boiled several minutes in order to be fully activated. B&V Pre-activated agar, unlike the traditional one, dissolves quickly already at 80 °C without cooking or heating to boiling temperatures.


For this reason Pre-activated agar is the most suitable choice for most of the continuous industrial equipments, fast heating cooking systems and pasteurization processes.

Some of the advantages of Pre-activated agar are:

  • Faster activation and setting time
  • Good activation already at 80 °C
  • Not necessary an independent dissolution stage
  • Reduced volume of initial water and shorter cooking time
  • Decreased blackening or burning in cooking tanks
  • Dissolves during the pasteurization stage
  • Suitable for continuous production processes
  • Best choice in dairy application