Gelagar is a complete range of tailored food grade agar agar powders expecially developed to be used in all different confectionery,  jam and glazing applications.
Different Gelagar types have been developed for the following applications :


fruit jellies
bird's milk
soft candies
bakery fillings
ice creams
puddings and flans
choko bombs
cream bananas
angel kisses
tart glazes


complete range of different gel strengths
different meshes and viscosities
firm or elastic gels
some Gelagars have high synergies with sugar
different gelling temperatures from 35 to 43 °C
different melting temperatures from 85 to 95 °C
some Gelagars offer high resistance and stability at low pH
high solubility and high transparence of gels
low synaeresis gels
some Gelagars have  high swelling index
Gelagar is GMO free
Gelagar complies with European Community regulation N° 231/2012




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